Emotion Beats have performed for numerous small events such as weddings, parties, and bars for the last 3 years.  Their more recent and bigger events have been performing for 5000 people at the Canada Rocks Event and are set to open for Twiztid at Encore in West Edmonton Mall, Sept 20th 2013, Head Lining @ Encore  for TuffHouse 16th Annual Concert, opening for Paul Wall and SlimThug .
 Jan 10 2014, and as of late was the main act turning the stage for Super Legend E-40!!!! 


Nick and Justin Mayers of Emotion Beats, have been a force in the hip hop game recently.  With hits like " Smile on my face" " Unconditional" and their newest release, "Show me the way" it's no wonder other up and coming artists are feeling the sting of their success.
These brothers originally from Ontario, now reside in Northern Alberta and have only been in the hip hop scene for three years.  Their hard work, determination, and undeniable literary wit have sent chills down listeners spines since their first release "Above the fame."
It's easy to tell they've grown up listening to Biggie, Eminem and Tupac and you can bet they've taken in newly inspirational artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Macklemore. Their rhymes depict an amalgamation of new and old influences creating non stop hit singles for fans across the nation. The duo has formed an 

alliance with Atlanta native Chris Diaz who has a HUGE network of producers, artist, and talent agency's to put the group on the right course. Since the merge Ft. McMurray radio station Mix 103.7 and has debuted not only their hits but also newly acquired young and sexy sensation Kenadii's  smash hit "Here To Stay "  that has since blown up. Thier veteran partner Chris Diaz (CEO) reached into his arsenal of  connections to have this particular record mixed by veteran producer John Frye of Atlanta who with CURRENT credits like T.I , B.O.B,and Outkast are proving to this hostile industry that these guys are serious contenders for 2014. Nick and Justin are starting a charity soon for starving artist and will sponsor an artist picked by themselves. STAYTUNED


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